As a follow up the successful ‘Breaking the Austerity Myth’ conference we have gathered together the notes and presentations from the day.
If you’re interested in learning more, then help yourself to the downloads below.

Charles Grimes Positive Money – click here
Mary Mellor – click here
Costas Lapavitsas – click here

Workshop Notes:
NHS – click here
Defending Local Services intro – click here
Defending Local Services notes – click here
Open Space – click here


In relation to your potential involvement in local campaigns and activity fighting the impact of austerity policies, the following contacts/websites may be found useful:

01.   Ludlow Constituency Labour Party campaigns and activities: Mark Kirby: makshrop@gmail.com
02.  Shropshire Defend our NHS – general email address is info@shropshiredefendournhs.org Their website is: https://shropshiredefendournhs.org/
03.  Peoples’ Alliance for Ludlow: See https://people4ludlow.wordpress.com/ or email diane.lyle@btinternet.com
04.  Ludlow Campaign for Fairness – Youth: Peter Norman: normans@ledwyche.demon.co.uk

In relation to taking forward ideas from the Open Space session and the sub groupsLocal Ludlow Public BankWellth; and Explore the Basic Income BI please contact Mike Layward mike@phonecoop.coop 

Finally, The Austerity Myth site could be a template for other potential conferences around the country (if you want to hold one, or know someone who does, please contact Manda Scott via manda@mandascott.co.uk